*JUST IMAGINE Your Deaf child being able to actively participate in a discussion at Family meals, and the smiles when they can easily converse with friends, socially and at school without depending on anyone to interpret for them. Watch your children make friends by interacting socially, while keeping pace with their peers in public school systems, Just Imagine the positive personal growth and confidence this type of social engagement would create for any child.

The #1 WINNER is BELL TECH Communications!

Blending New Technologies closes the CONVERSATIONAL LOOP for Education, Healthcare and Business!

INCREASED early child Educational options

and Self-Learning

NO THIRD-PARTY interpreter required

IMPROVES childhood social communication

INCREASED inclusion
and decreases stigmas

INCREASED Training & Employment options

IMPROVES access to Medical/Legal Services

using live interpreters

Linda Bell (Founder)

BELL TECH Communications

Four decades in engagement and education, serving the Genesee County Deaf community. CODA (Child of a Deaf Parent), raised by a single deaf Mother, founded ASL Interpretive and Training Service in Genesee County (2005), Mott CC and UofM Flint Graduate.

In the future, the Deaf/HoH Community will walk among us fluidly, interface easily and become engaged contributors to both Societal and Business Environments as BELL TECH’s unique new communication concepts, and other future technologies, evolve and become adopted very quickly, once the unique capabilities have been demonstrated within the Deaf Community and Society.

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