News And Awards

the #1 WINNER is BELL TECH Communications!

*JUST IMAGINE Your Deaf child being able to actively participate in discussions at Family meals, and the bright smiles when they can easily converse with friends, socially and at school, without depending on anyone to interpret for them. Imagine the level of positive personal growth and self-determination this level of social engagement could create.

Linda Bell, BELL TECH Founder, explains to 100k Ideas PITCH NIGHT competition judges her unique visionary approach that empowers Society & Deaf Community to communicate!!

Flint Mayor, Sheldon Neeley,
(right rear of Pic) graciously
waits while Linda celebrates
with her Deaf Students and
friends before presenting her
with a check for $10,000, the
2020 Business Pitch First Prize,
provided by Mott Foundation
to promising businesses that
bring new opportunities for
business & community in Flint
and Genesee County!


First 2020 Business Pitch Competition sponsored by 100k Ideas, Mott Foundation, UofM
and Flint/Genesee County, partners in Focus on Flint through new business opportunities!